Sandeep and his PostBox Services team know their way around email marketing campaigns and strategies. 

Very cerebral and 100% professional.  They go above and beyond to make sure that you get what’s needed. 

Highly recommended

Yi Jin, Ph.D.

Head of Innovation, EVERSTRING TECHNOLOGY, Silicon Valley


Email Deliverability Audit

If you are seeing email deliverability issues in your email marketing campaigns and need some guidance – we can help you. Our deliverability audit covers all aspects of your emailing (infrastructure, content, practices etc) and delivers a detailed guide which highlight all grey areas, gives recommendations and next steps.

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* Inbox Placement Review with Seed List Testing
* IP and Domain/Sub-Domain Reputation Review
* Email Authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) Review
* Content Review
* Service Provider Setup Review
* Data Management Review – Unsubscribe, Feedback Loops, Bounce Handling
* Review of your campaign management practices


Deliverable:  Detailed Audit Report PDF with details of all above reviews, recommendations and next steps.  Up to 2 hours on-call consultation explaining the report and how you can improve on the highlighted grey areas.


Email Deliverability Audit

Email Deliverability Consulting

Are you facing a deliverability crisis? Are your open and click through rates very poor? Do you need help with your email marketing strategy? We will assess your requirements, review your systems and will provide insights as per the industry best practices. You will have a much better understanding of your existing platform and areas of improvement and you’ll acquire the information and skills to boost your email marketing performance.

Please contact us for pricing plans.

  • Short and long term goal assessment of your email requirements
  • Through review of your existing email infrastructure, content and other practices
  • Industry best practices overview and guidance. Content recommendations
  • How to improve on grey areas – Pros and Cons of different delivery approaches.
  • How to improve your IP and domain reputation to get better inbox rate.
  • ESP (Email Service Provider – Yahoo, Gmail etc) specific issues like emails getting blocked on a particular ESP network
  • IP Rotation and IP Warmup
  • Implementation of PTR, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, Emails over VPN, Feedback loops, Bounce Processing, Email streams over different sub-domains. Domains and IPs reputation management, Reducing spam score, IP Blacklist monitoring

Building Your Email Platform

Building a scalable email infrastructure needs a lot of planning and efforts; for some businesses it can be a challenging task. We responsibly take this off your shoulders so that you can focus on your business.

Please contact us for pricing plans.

  • Implementation of a third party Email As a Service Provider for your marketing needs (Sendgrid, Sparkpost, ElasticEmail, MailGun, Mailchimp, SendinBlue, Aweber or any other provider you prefer or have relations with)
  • Building your own small, medium or large scale email Infrastructure (We will help you procure and implement hardware, tools, licenses etc) – Powermta, Postfix, Zimbra, Sendmail, hMailServer, any other SMTP / MTA server.
  • Scaling your existing infrastructure to meet your growing email requirements. Installation, migration, on-going maintenance and user management
  • Building secure email infrastructure for your business (Emails over VPN)
  • Maintenance of Email Infrastructure – Managing Performance and end to end monitoring, backup and monitoring setup, real time alerts
  • Training your teams

Email Campaigns Management

While email campaigns (Newsletters, eBooks, Whitepapers, Promotions, Drip Campaigns, Event Invites) is a great way to engage your loyal fans, it can actually take a lot of your time to just keep these campaigns running. We recommend you take that off your plate and focus on running your business. We will manage your campaigns and will keep bringing customers through the door.

Please contact us for pricing plans.

  • We will manage your day to day campaigns, and will schedule, monitor and analyze them.
  • List development, nurture and segmentation
  • List warm up and reengaging old customers
  • Detailed analytics and Daily/Weekly Reporting
  • A/B Testing
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Auto responders
  • Transaction emails

Email List Cleaning

Email and Internet Service Providers identify email senders as spammers if they email to invalid accounts. These email providers have number of intelligent algorithms to determine if a campaign is being sent to opt-in customers or not. Spam trap email addresses are detrimental for any email list/campaign as they result in immediate blacklisting. This is a big problem for email marketers. So here comes in our solution of list cleaning where we remove all invalid addresses and highlight risky email addresses.

  • Deduplication : removing duplicate email addresses
  • Checking email syntax
  • Checking MX records / Validity of the domain
  • Risk assessment 1 : disposable and temporary addresses,
  • Risk assessment 2 : role email addresses
  • Risk assessment 3 : spam trap email addresses (We and no one else can guarantee 100% spam trap removal)
  • Deep Cleaning 1: checking the existence of the email addresses. We remove invalid email addresses from “Accept All” ESPs as well
  • Deep Cleaning 2: highlighting the email addresses whose mailbox is full / over quota

We provide flat rate of .00125 $ per email for deep cleaning.  Example if you have a list of 100k email addresses you would pay 125$ ( 100000 * .00125). The delivery time is 4-6 days for a list size of up to 500k emails.  Yes quality delivery does take some time but you would be amazed at the results.

Deep Cleaning is a paid service. For rest of the cleaning you can try our free cleaning service at http://emailverify.postboxservices.com/


Can postbox services provide us consultancy while we do our own hands on stuff ?

Sure. We can work as external consultants/auditors and help you and your teams to manage the email delivery themselves.

I am looking for some specific customised services.

Please send us the details of the services you are looking using the contact form below. We will get back to you shortly.

Where can I host my email infrastructure?

Postbox services can help you find the best provider to host your email infrastructure which depends on number of factors. Send us your details and let us understand what you are looking for. Please contact us using the form below.

What is the best open/click rate postbox services assure?

Inbox rate and other parameters like open and click rates depend on a large number of factors so its not possible to give a generic number which fits all cases.
We need to understand your system and your requirements. If you are building your system from scratch we can help you from beginning to implement all industry best practices so that you build a solid system which delivers.

If you have an existing system which is facing issues then we need to analyse all factors which are impacting your delivery and need to fix all of these issues. Fixing the delivery issues for an existing system takes some time, effort and patience but can surely be done.

We are looking to build email infrastructure which can handle few million emails daily. Can postbox services help?

Sure. We can help you build an email infrastructure of any scale you need. Whether you are an email service provider or you need a large/small scale system to handle in house email volume, we can help you with that. Please contact us with your requirements.

Tools & Utilities


  • From Wikipedia : A feedback loop (FBL), sometimes called a complaint feedback loop, is an inter-organizational form of feedback by which a Mailbox Provider (MP) forwards the complaints originating from their users...

  • For generating new SPF records you can use this free tool      SPF-Generator What is an SPF Record? An SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record is used to indicate which hosts are authorised to send emails for a domai...

  • DMARC stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance.”  DMARC is built upon two other authentication protocols: SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail).  D...

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