Email Deliverability Checklist

A quick checklist for email deliverability.

1Check the IP addresses of SMTP servers for blacklisting
2Check the sending domain for blacklisting
3Set the SPF record
4Set the DKIM
5Set the DMARC
6Set the PTR / rDNS for sending IP address
7Set A record for sending domain/sub-domain
8Signup for Google postmaster tools
9Signup for Microsoft’s SNDS programme
10Signup for Feedback loop with major ESPs (Yahoo, AOL, Fastmail,Synacor, Comcast, Fastmail, Excite, Rackspace, Telenor, Zoho)
11Setup postmaster and abuse mail boxes to receive feedback loop emails
12Public whois record (Good Practice)
13Privacy policy on website (Good Practice)
14IP Warmup for atleast 10-15 days
15Check the score at and fix any reported issues.
16Run a test campaign with and fix any reported issues
17The Email Subject Line
Is not deceptive.
Has a limited amount of special characters, or none.
Is not using ALL CAPS, even for a couple of words.
Is not using any words that might trigger a spam filter.
Is not using excessive punctuation!!!
Is not using “RE:” or “FW:” at the beginning of the subject line.
18The Email Message
Does not have any known spam trigger words.
Includes an unsubscribe link (consider putting one both at the top and in the footer of your emails).
Has limited links. Aim for 3-5 links – no more.
Has no attachments.
Includes the postal address of the company
19Customer unsubscription mechanism in place
20Adjust your SMTP server for various ESP server’s hourly/daily receiving limits
21If you are using an emailing application, go through all the headers which this application might insert and get rid of everything which is unnecessary
22Email list is cleaned and scrubbed. Remove spam traps, inactive users, old email addresses.