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What is Cold email | 15 Pro Tips To Write Cold Emails
A cold email is an email you send to someone who is a complete stranger to you with the aim of gaining a benefit.
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What is an email deliverability manager and why do you need one
An email deliverability manager is defined as a person who takes care that the emails you shoot get delivered at their right destination. Companies need to hire these managers for a reason that commercial emails are a bit more complex than personal emails.
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Best Practices for Political Campaign Emails and SMS Campaigns   - Part 2
SMS campaigns have a 98% open rate. With only 39% of marketers using SMS, this could be an untapped avenue for direct, targeted political campaign messages
30.09.20 05:40 PM - Comment(s)
Best Practices for Political Campaign Emails - Part 1
Emails deliver a message directly to an audience, building relationships. Political campaign emails can help senders build relationships with targeted content.
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Interview : Cathy Patalas, Chief Growth Officer at Woodpecker on the secret to cold email marketing
Here is an exclusive interview with Cathy Patalas, Woodpecker’s Chief Growth Officer.
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Woodpecker Product Review: A tool to save your business time in follow-up emails
Author: Sup Prangthip Prakobkit. Are you looking for a tool that can upgrade the game plan of your cold email marketing? Today, we are reviewing Woodpecker, an email marketing automation tool that takes the tasks of following up emails off your shoulders.
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Anatomy of Email List Cleaning | A Complete What,Why, How and Where
In email marketing, email list cleaning is a very important practise. Let's understand why its so important, what exactly is done during list cleaning and what all options are available for email list cleaning.
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Email Deliverability Checklist To Ensure Inbox Placement Of Your Emails
Use this email deliverability checklist to make ensure your email campaigns are free of any errors which may impact inboxing.
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How to Shift Your Email Marketing Message During Difficult Times
COVID-19 caused a significant shift in both the physical and digital world. Consider updating your email marketing messages to connect with your audience.
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Replyify Product Review: Automate Cold Email Outreach for Your Business
Automating cold email outreach can help you save time while building client relationships. Here’s an overview Replyify's cold email services for business.
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