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Gmail now lets you send multiple emails as attachments
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Top 15 days tips of email deliverability
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Author : Jennifer Cannon

During the time of year when retaining subscribers — and gaining new ones — is more critical than ever for most brands, email marketers need to pay close attention to their email practices and deliverability. Overlooking these factors for short-term results (and ROI) cou...
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An open source alternative to commercial DMARC report processing tools

Blog Author : Sandeep Saxena ParseDMARC Code on GitHub

What is DMARC?

DMARC stands for Domain-based message authentication, reporting and conformance. DMARC is an email authentication protocol which when published for a domain, ens...
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Author : Ashley Kolpak

Another year coming to a close marks another year of email marketing continuing its evolution as one of the most powerful marketing channels. Email’s continued relevance even though the basic function has remained for decades speaks to the innovations of developers and mar...
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Top 10 tips things while designing abandoned cart email workflows
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Author : Chandan Pawar

Key points :

  • What is iRedmail server
  • Requirements for iRedmail server
  • How to configure host name
  • iRedmail Server configuration in Ubuntu
  • Installation of Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • Configuring Thunderbird to send/receive emails

What is iRedmail Server

iRedMail is an Open Source full...
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How to start preparing for black friday email marketing
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