Building Your Email Platform

Building Your Email Infrastructure and Platform

Building a scalable email infrastructure needs a lot of planning and efforts; for some businesses it can be a challenging task. We responsibly take this off your shoulders so that you can focus on your business.

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  • Implementation of a third party Email As a Service Provider for your marketing needs (Sendgrid, Sparkpost, ElasticEmail, MailGun, Mailchimp, SendinBlue or any other provider you prefer or have relations with)
  • Building your own small, medium or large scale email Infrastructure (We will help you procure and implement hardware, tools, licenses etc) – Powermta, DRH GreenArrow, MailerQ, EmailSuccess, Postfix, Zimbra, Sendmail, hMailServer, any other SMTP / MTA server
  • Deploy in-house self-hosted blacklist monitoring and DMARC analysis tools
  • Deploy one of the powerful seed list testing tools
  • Deploy cross device testing tools
  • Scaling your existing infrastructure to meet your growing email requirements.¬†Installation, migration, on-going maintenance and user management
  • Building secure email infrastructure for your business (Emails over VPN)
  • Maintenance of Email Infrastructure – Managing Performance and end to end monitoring, backup and monitoring setup, real time alerts
  • Training your teams

Building Your Email Platform Implement most powerful MTA

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