Email List Cleaning

Email List Cleaning

Email and Internet Service Providers identify email senders as spammers if they email to invalid accounts. These email providers have number of intelligent algorithms to determine if a campaign is being sent to opt-in customers or not. Spam trap email addresses are detrimental for any email list/campaign as they result in immediate blacklisting. This is a big problem for email marketers. So here comes in our solution of list cleaning where we try our best to remove all invalid and risky email addresses from your list.

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  • Deduplication : removing duplicate email addresses
  • Checking email syntax
  • Checking MX records / Validity of the domain
  • Risk assessment 1 : disposable and temporary addresses,
  • Risk assessment 2 : role email addresses
  • Risk assessment 3 : spam trap email addresses
  • Deep Cleaning by connecting to recipient email server and checking the existence of the email address (Deep Cleaning is a paid service)

We provide flat rate of .00150 $ per email for deep cleaning.  Example if you have a list of 100k email addresses you would pay 150$ ( 100000 * .00150).

Deep Cleaning is a paid service. For rest of the cleaning you can try our free cleaning service at

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